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Releases History

Versión 0.11.3 (18/02/2008)

Hemos liberado la versión 0.11.3 de TNTConcept.

  • It has been translated the contents of the implementation, support and installation guide to English.
  • In this new version the application can run both servers, Tomcat and JBoss. The minimal versions are Tomcat 6.0 or JBoss 4.2.X.

Additionally, we have corrected some minor problems reported.

The most important changes are:

  • Correction of the FON to be calculated based on: Bills issued uncollected mature in the period, Bills not paid due received in the period, Movements newspaper mature in the period, Unpaid invoices issued are overdue
  • New report of organizations to make it easier identification and management.
  • New report of holiday outstanding employee.
  • Modification of invoices issued and received a breakdown of this amount in tax base and taxes.
  • It manages the Global Hours Report that did not work well and has modified their behavior.
  • The invoices received a new field is added (VAT Book Number) to record the bill in the register of the company.

Release 0.8 (10/12/2007)

We have released version 0.8 of TNTConcept. New features have been included in the Monitoring for users managers and supervisors:

  • Availability of employees. This feature allows managers can, at a glance, control future occupancy levels of employees. From a management screen, administrators register future tasks of each employee. From the control screen, we can see availability of employees, taking into account their holidays accepted and festives.
  • Global Hours report. From one screen you can see the hours that each employee has spent on each project for a period of time.
  • Now the projects include a new property that allows mark them as billable or not by default. This allows the bitacore to mark as billable or not depending on the value of this property.
  • Also included is the ability to insert comments by an employee at the time of requesting vacation.

Additionally, we have corrected some minor problems reported (see bugs)

Release 0.7.4 (27/11/2007)

We have released version 0.7.4 of TNTConcept. Significant improvements have been included in it. The most important:

  • There has been a major effort to improve the appearance and usability of the application, changing the overall appearance of the application, creating a new menu at the top of the application that makes better use of space.
  • The Bitacore has changed considerably, allowing different views on how to insert our activities, including information on accepted vacation days and festives.
  • Some configuration files have been extracted from the installation of the application and included in the configuration directory, to allow customization of the application. We can now change the logo used in the reports of our company, changing styles or configure our own menus.
  • Some new reports have been included.

Additionally, we have corrected some minor problems reported (see bugs)

Release 0.6 (12/07/2007)

We have releases version 0.6 of TNTConcept including:

  • Calculation of financial ratios and other comparative periods (from the balance sheet and income statement)
  • Offer Management (and interactions associated) and direct transfer of data to project
  • Change the organization of menus (primarily the contacts)
  • Customizing the last selected actions (Bitacore) and construction of a generic system of settings to use it in other parts of the application.

We have added a great amount of reports of invoicing, offers and interactions.

Additionally, we have corrected some minor problems reported (see bugs)

Note: Version 0.5 has not been released.

Release 0.4.1 (04/06/2007)

We have released version 0.4.1 of TNTConcept, to share with you a new functionality called Fund operative needs (FON) (Operational requirements of funds in coming days). Now, as long as you have bills updated (and maturity) and periodical account entries, you can predict your cash to a future time (makes sense in the period to which they become due and bills issued).

Remember also that the bills have a breakdown of taxes and with a filter of dates for the quarter, you know exactly the taxes to pay (the difference between taxes accrued between the invoices issued and received)

Additionally, we have corrected some minor problems reported (see bugs)

We hope you enjoy. You can bring suggestions, or other errors in:

Release 0.4 (03/06/2007)

We have released version 0.4 of TNTConcept with more than 10 improvements over the previous version (see changes tutorial in 0.4):

  • Different roles in security
  • A calendar for the bitacore
  • Calculation of subtotals of taxes on the invoices issued and received.
  • New reports on treasury state.

Technically we restructured managers and introduced Spring and Acegi and new components.

Release 0.3.1 (15/05/2007)

Improvements made to the earlier version:

  • Change passwords
  • We have added new data
  • Mandatory data.
  • Data validation
  • Bills issued and importing data from the bitacore
  • Bill recieved (for taxes calculation).
  • Dozens of new reports, mainly in invoicing.
  • And many more things...

There is a lot more functionality in the oven ... And we invite you to see a tutorial describing important concepts and especially on the current permissions

Internally, the system has also been transformed:

  • Low coupling of the business logic of BackBeans of JSF.
  • Preparing the environment for the imminent inclusion in the next release of Spring, acegi (authentication and authorization system-oriented aspects) and invocation of the business logic as Web services (this will take a little longer).
  • We created a new system with JasperReport for the automatic generation of reports. Thus only throw them to a directory and have fully integrated in the application and available for use."
  • Replacing the hibernate pool by the Tomcat pool.
  • It has built a generic validation system. For example, different countries may have different validators of the tax identification number (NIF / CIF in Spain)
  • And many more things...

To make this project succeed, we need your collaboration in several ways:

  • Reporting errors and desired improvements.
  • Telling us that you are using it to get a referral basis (send data from your company) and think that the effort to share goes for something (Believe us, we do not need to contact you ... we have more work with our customers that often we can cover).

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