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In order to clarify a little what the tool can offer, we describe all the functionality of TNTConcept:

  • User management and access control management

    In this section we explain how to create users to access to the application, how to manage them, how to create departments, contract types, etc.

  • Companys and projects or services

    Tnis section is dedicated to establish relations of our company with other entities like providers or customers. Here you can track business interactions your company has carried out with them, manage offers you have done, keep information about contacts, projects etc.

  • Accounting

    In this section you may keep control on accounting, and track how your company is going on from an economical perspective, not just taking account past or present, but future too, helping you to make predictions.

  • Employees activity control

    This section of the application must be used by the employees. Its aim is to serve as a personal agenda where to store what they have done along the day, adding information about the duration of activities, the project to charge that activities, etc. They can even register their objectives in a next future, track them... .

  • Holidays

    This section has a double aim. The employee can request for holidays, while the company can accept or reject them.

  • Reports

    The aim of TNTConcept is to gather all the information of the company in a unified electronic format easily, but there are times when it is desirable to be able to get a report to send it by regular mail or fax to clients, or obtain graphical reports to help us to better see the reality of our company. This section is provided to facilitate obtain easily, printable reports in PDF, HTML or OpenDocument with information stored in TNTConcept.

  • Notice board

    Thanks to this funcionality, you will be able to create news visible to your employees when they enter in TnTConcept. This is a way to comunicate between company and employees.

  • Business Quality Management

    Do you control the way your business provides services?, Where can you look for information about how your company carries out its business?, And what about the way to react in compromised situations?, Have you established any Quality Assurance in your company?. This functionality is provided to serve as a repository to store all that information, so that is always in a place where it can access any employee of your company at any time and from anywhere.

  • Inventory control

    Using this section you can control all the material available in your business: computers, laptops, mobiles phones, PDAs, cars, etc. and manage who is using it.

  • Books lending

    A basic principle in Autentia is to share the knowledge among our employees and even among everybody through the website This is one of the reasons why we have a wide collection of books available to employees, and we needed a way to control the lending of these books.

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