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Training in situ

Want to use TNTConcept but you or your staff do not have adequate training to do so?

One of the requirements that has guided the creation of TNTConcept has been the ease of use for it to become a useful tool for the whole world.

However, there are times in which intuition and ease of use alone are not enough, so it is necessary to go to someone who will teach us to use the application obtaining not only the most basic but all the juice that the application itself can give.

For getting the full potential of the application we can help you. Contract us to train your staff in your own facilities and thus, get the best return on TNTConcept.

Contact us to check prices.

The introductory course of TNTConcept lasts one week, therefore 20 hours of training.

For any query please contact us at: or by calling the telephone number +34 91 675 33 06

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