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Software as a Service (SAAS)

What does 'Software as a Service' mean?

'Software as a Service' is a model of software distribution where the company distributes software provides maintenance service, daily operation, and support software used by the client.

Using this model you do not need to make an installation of TNTConcept within your company, either because you do not possess the proper infrastructure to do it so either because you do not want to do it.

Instead, Autentia would provide you access to an installation to your individual TNTConcept via the Internet. From anywhere and at any time.

Advantages of using TntConcept in this way are:

  • Ensures that Autentia will pay a non-stop attention. We will provide you a continued service of quality.
  • Ensuring that the application functions properly and is available falls into Autentia as part of the service, apart from receiving secure access to TNTConcept in order to protect privacy of your business.
  • You must not provide the necessary technology in your business in order to use TNTConcept.

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