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¿ What is TNT Concept ?

TNTConcept is a free software (with source code available) for internal management suitable for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and / or independent professional.

We like to define it as a tool for Management of Operational Effectiveness (MOE).  TNTConcept provides the functionality required to leave dozens of spreadsheets that we daily use to manage a company, replacing them by a Web application where centrally we can manage all data in a more efficient way, including:

  • Business Management
  • Contacts
  • Offers
  • Projects
  • Staff activity
  • Task scheduling
  • Cost Control
  • Billing
  • Account activities
  • Periodical account activities
  • Holidays
  • Etc.

Keeping historical information in a structured way provides knowledge. Such kind of information and knowledge, help us to predict and avoid undesirable situations:

  • Historical staff activities
  • Need for funds in the future
  • Level of billable occupation per employee
  • Profitability of each project
  • Actual payment date of our customers
  • and more.

TNTConcept is not a substitute for a Financial accounting tool but rather complementary: TNTConcept is a tool of management accounting along with touches of ERP and CRM (to be enhanced continuously)

How to win with TNTConcept ?

Business Management

Starting to take control of the organization. The question that we must make is: Are we who handle the company or the company handles us?. TNTConcept can be the first step toward the professional management of the company. You can not improve what you do not know that fails. With TNTConcept, we can begin to talk about realities rather than perceptions.

Hosting companies

Hosting companies can offer added value including TNTConcept in their pre-installed products. It's free and available with source code.

Business consultancy firms.

TNTConcept facilitates the work to its customers, alloowing them to work in a more organized way and making easier to create reports for the subsequent insertion of the data on accounting financial systems.

ISO Quality Consultants or similar

Thanks to TNTConcept can keep a computer track of most of the processes of an SME, without using paper. The paperless office is closer every day through TNTConcept.

Technology companies

TNTConcept is built using the latest development Java/JEE technologies: Spring, JSF, Hibernate, Maven, Acegi, etc. Studying the source code of TNTConcept can help you to learn these technologies more easily. It can even be a good basis to provide the skeleton of a business software solution.

What do we get in return ?

We are sure that TNTConcept is a great showcase for Autentia.

We hope that TnTConcept convinces you to contract us to improve your software, to carry out new projects (or make them together) or to impart training

Our life is already easier and more quiet thanks to TNTConcept.

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