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TNTConcept Description

Why do we need this tool?

After a few years of the life of our company Autentia and looking slightly backwards, we realize that the management of a services company it is not trivial. We usually deal with a huge amount of information stored in a great variety of files:(Spreadsheets, e-mails, documents in the file system, business cards, etc.) All of this information, apart from running the risk of being lost (or not found), is not stored in a way that can be processed to obtain useful information.

In our quest for perfection, many months ago we decided that it was not very wise to maintain this situation. Additionally we realized that other companies had exactly the same problems or included more serious ones:

  • They do not know how many projects are open, the profitability of each of them, the data of employees are out of date, there is not feedback about the level of service quality given to a customer or how they feel, control of invoices is chaotic, etc.

We searched on the Internet and we did not find any tools that satisfied our demands (not saying that there is no). Moreover, in the last SIMO (Spanish IT Business Meeting), we visited all companies stands looking for a solution that was simple and we did not find it. We found some solutions, but just suitable for big companies

One of the requirements that must be provided by a the tool is that it should be simple. We assume that an independent professional as an SME (small and medium enterprises) already manages the accounting using another system. The aim of this tool should be to provide a system where in a centralized way, we can store information about the daily work of our company and ensure that we have control of it. We must lead the company (control it) but sometimes que realize that is the company "who" lead us.

After a few months of work (in our idle periods) and with a very simple premise, the project starts. The assumptions were:

  • It must solve real business problems.
  • It must cover a lot of funcionality with mimimun requirements. Later we will look into the depth (validations, privileges on the information, etc.).
  • Technology should be a way and not an aim.
  • We will build it in iterative releases (Following Agile Methologies principles), adding to each release new funcionality.
  • New releases must not affect previous releases.
  • The technology chosen should be one of the future trends in the development of transactional systems.
  • System must be 100% Web and platform independant.
  • Everything built should be maintained and expanded with ease (not without knowledge).
  • It must function in Spanish but programmed in English and must be translated in a matter of hours.

Autentia takes a further step in its evolution

We provide at your disposal a software that has been built (100% free Unrestricted and functional) for the internal management, called TNTConcept built with the latest technology development Java/J2EE (Spring, JSF, Hibernate, Acegi, Maven, Subversion, etc.). Available under the GPL. Surely many independent professionals and SMEs will help you to better organize your operational.

This software is free, its code is available and under GPL. People interested in expand its funcionality may do it himself or contract us to do it. All this new functionality will be part of the product in future releases.

In a few months / years, when the product matures, sure will emerge a lot of different opportunities.

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